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Renting a house is a stress free way to really find out how much you like a property. When you rent a house, you can find out how well you gel with neighbors. You can also discover how much your spouse or children like the home.

Renting a house offers unique safeguards

There are other advantages to renting versus buying a house. Above all, you won't have to take on ongoing debt that's inherent in a mortgage to learn:

  • That bedroom and bathroom layouts are not conducive to your children's school or sports preparation activities
  • Neighborhood pets are too aggressive for you to be comfortable letting your young children play outside without you constantly being right by their side. If it's not your neighbors' pets, it's stray dogs and cats that you're concerned about.
  • Noise coming from your neighbors' homes keeps you up at night even if you shut your windows
  • The master bedroom at the house is too close to a street light, causing you to struggle to get and stay asleep
  • Trash pickup is a headache. Despite how many times you call the local garbage company, large boxes and bags of trash remain at the edge of your front walkway or alley for one to two days longer than they should
  • Traffic on the street is too busy or moves too quickly for your comfort, even if you live alone
  • Entertainment, restaurants and shops are too faraway
  • It takes you too long to commute to and from work, even if you take public transportation

When one or more of these situations occurs, it might be best to vacate the property at the end of your rental agreement. In most cases, you'd have nothing to lose after you vacate the rental home.

House renting and buying come with unique pros and cons

You could even rent two to three house for six months before you decide on a house to buy. Renting two or more houses could make it more clear to you which specific amenities you want. For example, you might learn that having a separate bathroom for each of your children is important.

Other things that you might learn from renting two or more houses are that you want to be within five or fewer miles of a reliable form of public transportation and that you don't want to live close to a school. Living in a community that's growing,an area that's bringing in more companies, might also be key for you.

After you rent a house, you might be surprised to learn that you don't want to live close to neighbors. Having a finished basement, covered parking or two car garage might turn into "must haves" as well. Had you not rented a house, you might have convinced yourself that you could enjoy living in a house without these amenities, and mistakenly bought a house that you would never be happy with.

The chance to step away from a lease agreement within a year or less is a benefit that you generally won't get if you buy a house. This single lack of certainty keep some people renting instead of trusting that they could love living in the same house for years. After all, despite the number of times that you walk through a house, it's not the same as actually living at a property.

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This Single-Family in Dennis, MA recently sold for $800,000. This Contemporary style home was sold by - Coldwell Banker Murray Real Estate, Inc.

20 Susan Eldridge Way , Dennis, MA

Dennis (village)


Sale Price

Total Rooms
Extraordinary,one of a kind artisan craftsmanship,unmatchable detail.Ease down a sandy Cape Cod lane and discover this stately red cedar shingled Adirondack-Craftsman styled ''cottage'' with a hand-laid stone foundation,purposely built to blend with the nature that surrounds it, deeded rights to Bass River-live in an art piece!The regal entryway,the Open concept living circles a handsome contemporary staircase. A majestic field stone fireplace steals the eye from the water views,radiant heat, quarter sawn white oak trim,countless unique features-Brazilian cherry & mahogany inlay cabinetry river stone floors,parquet, onyx tile,master with balcony & water radiant heat,5 bed septic,come see.. relax on the private porch and enjoy nightly spectacular sunsets.

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Major corporations arenít the only entities that save big on taxes each year. As someone who works from home, there are deductions that you can take that could save you lots of tax dollars. Home office tax deductions change. For this reason, itís important to stay current on allowable deductions. Itís also important to keep detailed records and receipts.

See if you qualify for these home office deductions

Your greatest tax savings will probably come if you are a sole proprietor, meaning that you operate your own business out of your house. Following are general deductions that you could be eligible for:

Usage of part of your home - To take this home deduction, you must use a portion of your home solely to conduct business out of. You could also be eligible for the deduction if you meet with customers at a place in your home. Examples of this include operating a daycare or a hair salon out of your house. A room that's attached to your house could also qualify as a deduction if this room is used for business.

Maximum home deduction - Your home deduction generally cannot exceed the amount of income that you generated through your home based business. If your deductions exceed the amount of annual revenues that your business generated, you may have to reduce the amount of deductions that you file.

Forms - The Schedule C and Form 8829 are two documents that are used to file home deductions. Form 8829 is used for regular home deductions.

Office supplies - In addition to taking a deduction for using a portion of your house to conduct business, you could deduct office supplies like the cost of a printer, computer, office desk, chair, filing cabinets and ink and paper. Mailing envelopes and file folders are other types of office supplies that you may be able to use as a deduction.

Travel - Flights to meet with clients and prospects or to speak at business conferences could qualify as a deduction. As a safeguard, keep a copy of the event brochure or itinerary with your flight, hotel and meal receipts. Additionally, you might be able to deduct mileage costs. Again, the travel needs to be used to conduct business.

Marketing - Keep receipts of money that you spend to market your business. These expenses could be deducted from your home business revenues. Included in marketing deductions is the cost of postage stamps. Consider working with a reputable tax preparer to review deductions before you take them.

As with any tax deductions, check with the IRS to confirm that you are eligible for a home office tax deduction before you take the deduction. Make sure that you have a record that confirms a purchase you made before you list it on your tax return. Also, ensure that you use the proper tax forms. For example, if you were paid to perform services for a client, you may need to file a 1099 Form. You also make need to file a Schedule C to list out your home office deductions.

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248 Camp Street , Yarmouth, MA

West Yarmouth



Total Rooms
Full/Half Baths
FoxwoodsGranite Kitchen 2 bed , 2 bath, Fireplace.Owner related to Broker
Open House
No scheduled Open Houses

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If you're an allergy sufferer, you probably have a love-hate relationship with carpeting. On one hand, you may love the way soft carpeting feels on your bare feet when you step out of bed first thing in the morning. On the other hand, you probably hate the allergy symptoms it triggers and the cleaning problems it creates.

There's no denying that wall-to-wall carpeting can be a nuisance to clean and maintain. Once you've spilled something on carpeting, it's often tough to get that stain out. For households with children, pets, or "spill-prone" adults, the problem of dealing with carpet stains is unrelenting!

Issues For House Sellers

The fact that many people have both a physical and mental aversion to carpeting is an important thing to keep in mind if you're considering putting your house on the market. Although it can be relatively simple and inexpensive for new homeowners to remove carpeting, some prospective buyers can't look past it. It can be a "deal breaker." When staging a house for sale, it might be worthwhile to remove old carpet or -- at the very least -- point out to prospects that there are hardwood floors or other desirable flooring material underneath the carpet. Loosening up a corner of the carpeting so that it can be easily pulled away to show the underlying flooring material can help deflect objections about the carpeting being there.

Partial Solutions For Dirty Carpets

Newer carpets that haven't been subjected to the wear and tear of daily use can temporarily look good and complement the dťcor of a room. However, it doesn't take long for carpet fibers to collect and harbor a host of undesirable household allergens -- ranging from dust mites and mold spores to pet dander and bacteria.

Regular vacuuming and steam-cleaning can help reduce the problem, but it's more of a "Band-Aid" approach than a long-term solution. If you don't have the right kind of vacuum cleaner, it could even make the problem worse. Unless your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA (high-efficiency particular air) filter, it may actually redistribute dust mite proteins back into the room, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Carpet manufacturers often recommend that carpets be professionally cleaned at least once a year, but the benefits of that can wear off quickly.

There are a variety of products on the market for cleaning carpet stains, but they sometimes tend to do too good of a job. Not only do they get rid of the stain, but they also can cause the color of your carpet to fade in the treated area! Some carpet spot cleaners also contain toxic chemicals, so you have to be careful when using them.

One way to slow down the problem of dirty carpets in your home is to ask family members and visitors to take their shoes off when entering the house. Although you probably are not going to get 100% compliance -- especially with kids -- it will be step in the right direction!